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Erkin Guney

Case History 2

Erkin Guney: a miscarriage of justice avoided

Erkin Guney was on remand on the allegation of soliciting the murder of his late father’s partner, Diane Holliday, from 15 July 2008 until he was cleared of all charges by a jury at the Old Bailey on Friday 22 May 2009.

Throughout this period Erkin completely pleaded his innocence in this matter and believes that yet again he has been “fitted up” by the police. The jury’s verdict supports this view of events.

Surrey Police arrested the father-of-three on 15 July 2008 and he appeared before Woking magistrates on 17 July.

He faced a charge that he “solicited, encouraged, persuaded, endeavoured to persuade or proposed to a male known as ‘Zaf’ to murder Diane Holliday”.

Ms Holliday was the ex-partner of Erkin’s father, Ramadan Guney, at the time of his death in November 2006.

Erkin Guney was remanded in custody and the case was heard at the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, from 21 April 2009 to 22 May 2009.

On 22 May 2009 Erkin was cleared of all charges by the jury. You can read more here.

The BBC South website includes the following reports on the trial:

Following his acquittal, Erkin issued this Press Release (29 May 2009)

“On Friday 22 May 2009, a jury at the Old Bailey cleared Erkin Guney of soliciting the murder of Diane Holliday. Erkin, his family and supporters are overjoyed by this verdict, and that justice has been done.

“The jury accepted Erkin’s account of events: that he had been set up by Surrey Police during an undercover operation which included staging a mock car crash. Erkin maintained throughout the trial that he was simply “playing along” to find out who was behind the operation, because he had been set-up by corrupt police officers in 1995. On that occasion he spent 7 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His conviction was eventually overturned in 2003 as a miscarriage of justice.  

“The jury’s verdict in this recent case raises many questions about the conduct of Surrey Police officers involved in this attempt to entrap an innocent man and the lack of investigation into his complaints of fraud against Diane Holliday. The police claimed this was down to “insufficient funding”, which is ironic given how many thousands of pounds Surrey Police spent on this operation.

“Erkin is enjoying time with his family and friends. He would like to thank all those who supported his innocence throughout this difficult period. Erkin is not intending to issue any further comment at present.”

Ms Holliday, who lives in Victoria Road, Knaphill, has been the subject of her own headlines: