“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”  -  Martin Luther King 
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Erkin Guney

Crime & Investigation Network TV - TV channel (also known as CI UK)with a range of useful programmes, including the series “Battle of Wills”

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Innocent - fighting miscarriages of justice since 1993. Includes details of my case.

Kent Police - links to its policy document on Revelation of Criminal & Misconduct Findings Against Police Staff to the Crown Prosecution Service where section 12 refers to R v Erkin Guney (1998). A number of other forces have similar documentation on the internet.

Legal Ombudsman - this service replaced the Legal Complaints Service in 2010. The service investigates complaints against lawyers

Liberty - protecting civil liberties, promoting human rights

London Against Injustice - London Against Injustice is a support group for family and friends of prisoners who are innocent of the crime of which they have been found guilty.

Prisoners Advice Service - providing information and representation to prisoners

Tanovich, David M Judicial and Prosecutorial Control of Lying by the Police. Criminal Reports (2013), 100 CR (6th), 322-334. Article by Professor David Tanovich discussing the legal implications of lying by the police which refers to R v Guney (1998) as one such case. The article is in pdf format.

United Against Injustice - the National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Campaign & Support Organisations

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